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This afternoon I slept for two hours. I really didn’t mean to.

It was a little cold and overcast this morning, and I had already practiced and eaten lunch. I went to the bank to get my new debit card (finalement!), but I couldn’t figure out which of the myriad numbers they had given me was the numéro de client. After a while I was so frustrated–and hungry–that I went down the street and bought a pain aux raisins.

Interestingly enough, this pain aux raisins was quite different from the ones I had last summer. Those were more like croissant dough in a spiral shape, while this one was heartier, more like brioche or another kind of sweet bread. Unbelievably delicious.

Then I came back, bought some fruit from the guy outside the train station (Vous voulez une mangue? Not today. Mais elles sont fraiches! Well…okay.), then went back to the bank to stand on line to ask about the number I couldn’t find. I got so overheated in there that I went outside and read The Sheltering Sky for a while. I’ll go back to the bank tomorrow morning when they open.

And then I was lounging in my room, reading a little more, messing around on the internet, and I closed my eyes…an hour later the window was banging about in the wind, and I got up and closed it…and then an hour after that I thought I’d probably better get up.

Oops. Guess it’ll be a late night! This has also been one of the only days since I got here that I haven’t gotten on the train. It felt good.