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“Well, Motel. I never thought you’d amount to anything. But look at you. A baby and a sewing machine. You’re a person!”

Except it’s not a sewing machine in Chambre 509 at the Fondation des États Unis.



Our floor, while quite nice in other respects–carpets, high ceilings, musicians and artists galore–has the fewest number of residents and as such, the smallest kitchen. We also have no permanent fridge. The one we’re all currently sharing is a very petite unit that belongs to a girl who will be coming back to claim it at some point this month. So I took matters into my own hands and bought a “frigo de camping” on Ebay.fr. Chouette!

Otherwise, spending today trying to get my bank account squared away. As the Good Book says, when BNP Paribas gives you your numéro de client, one of the numbers will definitely be wrong. Oy vey.


P.S. “He’s right and he’s right. They can’t both be right.” “You know something? You are also right.”