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My immune system went kerSPLAT after my voice lesson on Monday evening, and I’ve been dealing with a full-blown cold since Tuesday morning, complete with not much sleep, runny nose, sneezing and sinus pressure. However, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yesterday I spent virtually all day indoors, resting and watching hours of Upstairs Downstairs; this morning I made myself get up and get on the train. I was planning to go to Ménilmontant, in the 20ème, but the magenta line (#4) was unbelievably slow today, stopping for several minutes at every station, and for at least ten at St. Sulpice. So I finally got off the train at Cité, which is right on the banks of the Seine, by Notre Dame. I wandered around for a while, had a sandwich for lunch, and took a few pictures before coming back to my room and crashing.



“Love locks” on the Pont de l’Archevêché.


This has me baffled. I’m crabby about Paris? Sometimes.

Time for some jus d’orange and some quality time with the Fauré Requiem.