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We’re having some unseasonably warm weather. I chatted with Isabelle Aboulker yesterday (she’s a wonderful composer whom I met last summer in Périgueux), and she offered me coffee, but we both agreed that it was way too warm for coffee. Orange juice was much more appropriate. She said this is really unusual for Paris in September. I only hope it cools down soon–all of my lovely fall and winter clothes are just calling out to me!

I just stopped over at the Schola to get some information about a theater class Madame Aboulker recommended, which is tonight at 6 PM. Then I sat in the Jardin du Luxembourg for a little while, reading through a couple of arias from my lesson on Monday. I find it hilarious that even in the middle of the day, the parks and gardens are packed with people lying on the grass, picnicking or reading or just enjoying the sun, and all of the cafés and brasseries are full of people having what seem to be fairly leisurely lunches. Apparently in between all of that enjoyment, people are working and going to school–I’m just not seeing it.

Anyway, I got on the train back to the Cité at Luxembourg, and it was jam-packed, and so hot I couldn’t believe it. The trains were like that yesterday–like furnaces. The relief you feel when you are finally ejected out of a crammed train onto the platform (especially an outdoor platform) is almost impossible to describe.

I didn’t really have anything interesting to say in this post. Mainly I’m posting because as I walked back to the Fondation from the train, feeling the sweat cool all over my body, I heard somebody playing the Trololo video on the ground floor of the Fondation, and it put a huge smile on my face, despite the heat. For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, I warn you, it’s pretty catchy:

Tee hee.