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But good weepies this time, not like UPS-induced weepies, or homesick weepies. Courtesy of Laura Brooks Rice, a phenomenal voice teacher at Westminster Choir College:

I don’t know how much of why I’m crying is Ms. Auger’s unbelievably gorgeous voice and interpretation, or whether it’s mostly because she died almost twenty years ago and I will never get to meet her. Also, the technique nerd in me is watching her mouth and tongue position the whole time. She was simply magnificent.

(I had planned to post about the production of The Turn of the Screw I saw yesterday, my first-ever cup of seriously good coffee, the bacon-wrapped rabbit thigh I treated myself to for dinner–you heard me–and the Ben and Jerry’s I found in the Marais afterwards…but now I’m just not feeling it. I think I’m going to go to Youtube and watch Arleen Auger sing some more Strauss. And weep.)


ETA: Racked with sobs. RACKED.