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The 6 is my favorite line of the Paris métro because so much of it is elevated (the result of six years on the El in Chicago? Maybe!). The scenery is gorgeous–it crosses the river and passes the Eiffel Tower–and today the weather was just too gorgeous to get stuck underground and miss the sun shining on the waters of the Seine and lighting up the beautiful Parisian apartment buildings, not to mention the cool breeze floating in through the open train windows.

I made an enormous playlist for my iPod called “Train Ride.” Some days I listen to my iPod for forty minutes on the train (and making connections) and never hit a song I really want to hear. So my Train Ride playlist has 135 songs in it, none of which I ever skip when they come up on shuffle. It includes Joni Mitchell, the Indigo Girls, Billy Joel, the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Ella Fitzgerald, Marshall Crenshaw, Lowen and Navarro, Barenaked Ladies, Iris DeMent, The Pretenders, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Goo Goo Dolls, Christine Lavin, Adele, Dave Matthews…and others. It makes riding the métro a lot more fun. Actually, I have to admit, I’m listening to this playlist as we speak. It’s just plain good.

Also, on my way home today, I was sitting behind this guy:


It was such a good philosophy (“Why are you telling me?”), I couldn’t resist a little photographic sneak attack.