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I think these early morning music posts are going to be a recurring theme, because I wake up every morning with music running through my head.

Actually, the song that I haven’t been able to get rid of the last few days is this one:

No matter how much I love Sondheim’s shows, there’s something about the songs that may once have come from a show but are now pretty much stand-alone that is just fabulous. “The Boy From…”, “Can That Boy Foxtrot,” “I’m In Love With a Boy,” and this one. I actually prefer the Phyllis Newman recording from Wall-to-Wall Sondheim in 2005, but Victoria Clark is awesome.

And then I woke up and my friend Brian, who is staying up late in New York for some choral music nostalgia, sent me this link. I actually listened to this song while walking from the bus to class last night.

It’s glorious, isn’t it? We sang it my sophomore year in Chorale, and then again my senior year (I think Dr. Harris may have forgotten about the time we sang it sophomore year).

Oh, and for some REAL nostalgia, this is for you, Mom: