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Whoops! I just realized that I never blogged about Florence, and it’s now been a full week since I was there. So I’ll do that now (while I’m waiting for a phone call from my dad, who should be landing in Paris right about now!).

Florence was a really interesting city to me, mainly because I’ve heard a lot about it, heard a lot of music about it, seen a couple of productions of The Light in the Piazza, knew all the words to “Where Is the Life That Late I Led?”, but still had no mental picture of what it was going to look like. I could reel off famous things that happened to be in Florence–the Ponte Vecchio, the Arno River, the (pretty itty-bitty) Pitti Palace, the Duomo–with no clue as to their location or appearance.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when everything was gorgeous.


Me on the Ponte Vecchio. (Though not going to pull a Gianni Schicchi and jump off–or threaten to!)


Where is Rebecca,
My Becky-Wecky-oh?
Would still she be cruisin’
That amusin’ Ponte Vecchio?


What’s also amazing is how quiet the Arno is. I’m so used to the Seine, which has so much movement, so many boats, so many bridges, that to see a rather large river with barely a ripple in it was fascinating. It had a rather calming effect.


I didn’t go to any art museums in Florence, but that’s okay, because there’s art everywhere!


These are very popular in Italy.
It’s the land of naked marble boys!

I walked all over Florence with “Statues and Stories” from The Light in the Piazza running through my head. And “Passegiata,” especially when I saw a “tie shop next to Arno River.” Fabriiiiiiizio.


…still peddling those pictures of the Scriptures in the Duomo… (though I think he’s talking about Milan, not Florence…oh well!)



The Pitti Palace, which is not itty-bitty in the slightest. Though, funny story about that…I was sitting outside it on a step and thinking, what is this building? And then I got up to walk and I saw a hotel called “Best Western Pitti Palace” or something like that. I had to laugh.

Actually, the first thing we saw when we got off the train in Florence was the leather market. I was so, so tempted.


In the end I bought myself a pretty leather bracelet as a remembrance.


But ohhhhh, I wanted a handbag. Or a leather jacket. Or shoes. The leather couldn’t have been softer or more beautiful, and the prices were right…but I just couldn’t do it. Next time, Firenze!