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Hey, look!


We’ve got a Christmas tree at the Fondation. Part of me is thinking, but where’s the menorah, and then I realize that this is France and they don’t have to cater to everybody. Not that we always do in the States either, but the Daley Square Christkindlmarkt (Christmas market) always has an enormous menorah as well, courtesy of the Lubavitch Chabad.

But that’s okay. ‘Tis the season. Last night I went to a thrilling saxophone quartet by my friends, the Great Canadian Saxophone Quartet, eh? They each played one short piece (including a few movements of a Bach cello suite on baritone sax), and then an arrangement of various dances from The Nutcrackers for sax quartet. Fun, eh?

The sun is shining and I’ve got practicing to do (not that I want to), but here, have a picture of the first birthday card of the season!


Thanks, Mom! Je t’aime!

And a propos of nothing in particular, here’s a video of my favorite Christmas song sung by–who else?–the Kent Place School Chamber Singers. I remember them (obviously not this particular group, as this video is from 2009) singing this when I was in middle school.