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Sometimes it’s amazing to note what things don’t change between the United States and France. For example:

Tights that won’t stay up are always uncomfortable.

Learning music four days in advance for an audition is always unbelievably nervewracking.

The phrase “beef balls” is always hilarious. (Actually, at the Vietnamese place in Belleville where I had pho for lunch, they were “beef meat balls,” but the consistency was so unlike what I would have expected that I had to wonder…) (Now that I think about it, why was that translated into English? Or was it? Am I just remembering it in English now?)

A bowl of pasta with olive oil and goat cheese always has lots of calories. Ditto vending machine cookies and chocolate. (Why, yes, I have fallen off the wagon. Just a little.)

Sitting alone in your room is always a boring way to spend an evening…

…but making an effort to go out and be social is always more stressful than it’s worth.

Books about World War I and most episodes of Grey’s Anatomy are always really depressing.

Eight hours of choir rehearsal is never fun. (See what I did there? I changed it up!)

Working up the motivation to practice is never easy.

I swear I’m going to get up off my tuchus and find interesting things to blog about, but this was just not the week for it. Onward and upward, blogosphere!