Not a lot of exciting blog fodder lately (well, Hallie and I did go to see a concert at the Musée du Moyen Age, but I’m intending to go back to do the rest of the museum this week, so more on that later!). I did, however, discover Patricia Neway, who originated, and won a Tony for, the role of the Reverend Mother in The Sound of Music (why no, I have never owned a copy of the original cast recording…for shame, I know!).

Which is, of course, reason enough to love her. She also played Lady Thiang in a production of The King and I and sang one of the classiest, most beautiful renditions of “Something Wonderful” that I’ve ever heard (of which I can’t find a Youtube video, unfortunately), and also Nellie in Carousel

BUT. What I realized a few minutes after discovering her musical theater recordings is that Ms. Neway also created the role of Magda Sorel in Menotti’s awesome opera The Consul.

This is the kind of career I want. Obviously, I won’t be a dramatic soprano like Ms. Neway, but I love that she had success in musical theater and in opera, and always sang with the same voice, her own voice. And what a voice!

I think today will be library day, and also school supplies day–I am almost certain that I will be learning both Barbarina and Susanna in Le Nozze di Figaro for a program this August, and I need a new yellow highlighter and little tabs with which to get organized!


P.S. I came to Patricia Neway through somebody posting a video of her Tony acceptance speech on Facebook; I only just realized that she died on January 24th. RIP, Ms. Neway.