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And now I’ve realized that the saying is actually “IN like a lion, OUT like a lamb.” Maybe it did in Paris–in Edinburgh March 1st was gorgeous and sunny, so go figure. We’ve really been having some of the most extraordinary weather, which I can only imagine will get more glorious as we get into, ahem, “April in Paris.” And yes, I am going to post this song a day early, because I have big plans for tomorrow’s blog.

When I woke up this morning, I realized that the sky was not blue but decidedly, starkly gray. And I was relieved. I love gorgeous warm weather probably more than the average bear, but I need an excuse to stay indoors all day and clean!

I had very important plans to eat chocolate and watch Ashes to Ashes alone in my room last night, but instead I went, rather shockingly, OUT, with a few of my dormmates and some Canadians (eh?). We went to Chez Georges on Rue des Cannettes, which is a tiny wine bar, so obviously everybody in Paris wanted to be there. (The popular places can never be great big barns, can they? If I were king of the forest…) We had to wait a while before we could get in, and in a hilarious twist of fate it was a relief to get inside, away from the cigarette smoke (Heidi: I feel like I need a cigarette, everybody is smoking. Me: …I feel like I’m smoking.), where despite the enormous crowds, the heat, and the couple who were doing what would be described as “necking” if this were Lover’s Lane on the bench behind me, I had a pretty good time. This “going out” thing might have its high points. I must investigate further.

And now I am going to clean my room, to the tune of Rodgers and Hammerstein. Speaking of which, I found this on Youtube yesterday. Watching it makes me feel about ten years old, because all of our R&H VHS tapes had this montage at the beginning–not to mention I think I had the same blue embroidered vest thing that the girl with the pigtails is wearing.

Zou bisou bisooooooou,