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I’ve been neglecting you, o blogosphere! But if you’ll believe it, despite living in Paris, nothing blog-worthy has happened in the last few days.

Oh, wait, that’s not true. I was tired of feeling doughy, so I went running on Sunday, and again yesterday. I hate running, but Paris is sort of a fun place to go for a run because there are about 84,000 streets to turn onto, and most of them I’ve never even seen before. You can start off in a different direction every time you run, or even go the same direction and still take a different route.

Also, the sun came out yesterday. For half a day. Then it rained again. And now the sun is shining again, and it’s May Day, which is apparently a fête du travail (work holiday) in France. Oh, these French, they know how to work as little as humanly possible.

Anyway, I can hardly believe it’s May, but since the calendar does not deceive me, hit it, Julie!