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Hello, blogosphere! Greetings from the Waiting Room! This is my new name for my bedroom, from which I have spent the last week or so waiting around for stuff to happen.

Waiting for the Nyquil to kick in so I can go to bed.

Waiting for this cold to clear up so I can sing properly again.

Waiting for an episode of In Treatment season 3 to load.

Waiting for the guy downstairs to finish all of his academic work and knock on my door or call me since I put the ball squarely in his court a few days ago. (My friends–Heather and Jake and John who doesn’t have a blog–think he’s just clueless.)

Waiting for somebody–ANYBODY–to contact me about the results of the auditions I’ve done in the past couple of months so that I can make a decision about where I want to be next year.

So pretty much:

And from what I hear from friends, everybody is kind of in the same boat. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Which is now coming to me in Cary Grant’s voice.

“Because he sails the seven seas and to every woman he meets, he says, ‘Where will you be in six months?'”

I wish I knew, Cary. I wish I knew.


ETA: I forgot to mention that Nora Ephron passed away, which makes my An Affair to Remember reference all the more poignant. It’s a sign that I have seen this movie too many times. RIP.