Wow, blogosphere, this week has just flown by! I haven’t had this much fun in rehearsals since…well, since the last time I did The Sorcerer. I do need to figure out a strategy for keeping it together onstage, especially when Jonathan (Dr. Daly) says anything–yesterday I laughed so hard at “I shall quit the county at once and bury my sorrow in the congenial gloom of a colonial bishopric” that a few minutes later my diaphragm was still spasming and I started laughing again at something that I didn’t even find funny. Whooooops. I did manage to get through it a couple of times with a completely straight face, though.

Anyway, I’m sitting in the bar at the Queen’s Head eating cereal (I’m eschewing the English breakfast until the show is over, as I do after all have a party dress to fit into for Wednesday night) and thinking about Gilbert and Sullivan. What’s really funny about the G&S canon is that everybody has a different favorite. When I went to see the professional festival company’s Gondoliers, our music director Eric seemed to indicate that he didn’t care for the show (in the grand scheme of things)…but at the interval, I ran into chorus-member Audrey, who told me that The Gondoliers was her favorite one.

As for me, since arriving I’ve seen three unfamiliar shows, and tonight will be my first-ever Patience…but I’m still partial to the ones that I’ve participated in: Pirates of Penzance, The Sorcerer (though admittedly in essentials it’s not as sparkling as the others!), The Yeomen of the Guard and The Gondoliers. I’ve heard from my friends here that once you’ve been in all of the shows multiple times, your favorites tend to shift a little.

That said (and since I’ve run out of other things to say), here’s a bit from Iolanthe that I thought was just glorious.

Bisous (because yesterday my Lady Sangazure, Angela, and I realized that we both speak French)