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I have exactly a week left and I am officially broken. Remember that blister from a couple of days ago? So I realized that I’ve been walking so as to avoid putting pressure on it, because yesterday I woke up with awful pain and tension in my right calf. I went to Châteaudun and Chartres anyway (pictures and actual post to come, if I can figure out what’s wrong with my camera and turn it on), even though every other step was pretty much agonizing. So this morning I went to the pharmacy…only to find that it was closed, as was the grocery store I was intending to go to, three cheers for the French and their five weeks of paid vacation, which everybody takes at the same time…but by some strange good luck, there is a store next to the grocery store that sells orthopedic medical supplies. The very nice proprietor helped me figure out exactly what I needed, and now I’m sitting here with a hot gel pack under my right calf. It’s a little too warm for this kind of thing, but it might also be good to be able to walk again at some point. Argh!

Anyway, you read that right: ONE WEEK. Which of course always makes me think of the scene in The King and I when they come up with the idea to hold a banquet for the English ambassador, and the king tells Mrs. Anna that she has one week to make all of the arrangements and sew all of the dresses for his wives. She freaks out a little bit–“One week?! Oh, your Majesty, one WEEK?!”–which is when he says today’s title quote, which is pretty unassailable logic, if you ask me.

I couldn’t find that exact scene, so have a different one. I’m thinking about watching this movie tonight–it’s been way too long!