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Dear blogosphere,

I really wasn’t sure that I wanted to keep blogging.

In fact, I was pretty sure that I didn’t want to keep blogging. But every day I’m doing things, seeing things, and reading things that make me go, “Hey, I should blog about that,” and then realizing that I no longer write in my blog.

Like yesterday morning when I was listening to Peter, Paul and Mary over my morning coffee (which I made in my $12 Mr. Coffee, by the way–my new favorite small appliance!) and my tear ducts spontaneously combusted. (Read: I started crying.) And then I cried at the end of Pretty Woman…but not when you think. I cried when Vivian is packing to leave for San Francisco, and she gives Kit a fistful of money from the “Edward Lewis scholarship fund,” and you realize that Kit is never going to get out of that life the way Vivian is. “Take care of you.” *sniffles*

Also, it turns out that Kit DeLuca is just as funny in French.

And I’ve wanted to write about transitioning back into life stateside, and which things are better (less body odor! more libraries with English-language books!) and which things are worse (construction on the Red Line! waiting for the bus at the corner of Broadway and sketchy!), and about my new apartment, which is so lovely, and about how I inherited lots of kitchenware from my newly-married friends, and about auditions and interviews and everything.

But I had already decided to stop blogging, so I didn’t write about it.

I didn’t think I would miss it, really. I figured, I’ll be back in the States and I won’t be lonely or bored anymore, so I won’t need to blog. Then I realized that it doesn’t have to be a NEED thing–it can be a WANT thing, or a LIKE TO, thing. When interesting things happen, when I read a great book or discover new music, like Alfred Doolittle, “I’m willing to tell you. I’m wanting to tell you. I’m waiting to tell you.” (Though I’m not Welsh. More’s the pity.)

So here I am, back again to put my thoughts out into the void. Not to mention I have a job interview in just under two hours and I’m freaking out a little bit (but just a little bit), and what else was I going to do until 1:30 when I have to go get on the train?

…oh wait. I have cable now. Food Network, here I come!

Hugs and bisous, blogosphere.


P.S. This is the song that made me cry yesterday.