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Happy 175th birthday, Auguste Rodin!

(And a grand merci to Google for informing me. I’m not THAT good.)

This morning when I checked my BNP Paribas account page, I found that in the “à venir” column, there was a debit of exactly the amount of money in my account. Progress!

In other news, I am enjoying a slow morning with coffee and Reynaldo Hahn (and the marvelous Sarah Connolly, whom, you might recall, I saw accidentally in Ariodante at Versailles).


P.S. I have decided, instead of making this a personal blog about my life and singing in Chicago, to focus on my French and Francophone experiences now that I’m back in the States. Not only will the content be more focused and more interesting, but it will also, I hope, help me keep it all fresh now that I’m not speaking French every day.