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This morning, on a whim, I checked the Expatriates in Paris Facebook group, which I looked at periodically while I was living there but never really participated in. They’re currently having a Parisian photo contest, in which anybody can submit photos that define Paris for them. So I’ve been looking through all of my Paris photos and surprising myself by how much I miss it. What I miss, though, is the place, not so much the experience. I think maybe one day I’ll find myself back there.

Either way, here are some of the photos that sum up Paris for me. Most of them have already been posted on this blog, but I thought they were worth re-sharing.

A quiet moment in Parc Buttes-Chaumont.

That time I went to the 16ème arrondissement and couldn’t figure out which street was Rue de la Tour…

I frequently felt crabby about Paris.

What the Tour Eiffel looked like the day I interviewed for a job at Euro Disney.

The first picture I ever took of the Seine.

The dome of the Galéries Lafayette.

Graffiti, or what you can’t avoid doing in Paris! (Look at the sky…)

An ad for McDo in the 14ème. Come as you are!

Boat races at the Jardin de Luxembourg on May Day.

The Tour Eiffel, seen from somewhere near École Militaire, on Bastille Day.