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In my head, I started this entry by saying, “So, I’m Jewish…” Just in case you weren’t sure, like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when Ian asks Toula to describe Christmas at her house, and Toula starts by saying, “So, I’m Greek, right?” Really? Because I couldn’t tell from the title of the movie.

Or, in Harry Potter parlance, “Oh, ARE you a prefect, Percy?”

Anyway, I had intended to start my post that way because I want to talk about Christmas songs that I love because they are just beautiful and such glorious fun to sing. And I was going to say that because I’m Jewish and didn’t grow up hearing Christmas carols, I discover new ones every year–or rather, really, really famous ones that I didn’t know existed until now.

Like this one:

And this one, which is all early English(e) and medieval and stuff, and on which I’m unfortunately singing the alto part at Music of the Baroque this week.

This next one isn’t new for me, as I got to sing the first verse solo in church on Christmas Eve two years ago, but every time I hear it or sing it I’m reminded how gorgeous it is.

I could have sworn I had heard this one before…

…but every time I tried to come up with the tune, I ended up with this, probably because they’re both in 6/8 time:

Ah, Christmas music. It’s a good season to be a freelance professional singer–plenty of church gigs and choir jobs to be had!


P.S. I was downtown spending some Chanukah money on Sunday afternoon (after church!), and I decided to go to Leonidas Chocolate Café, because it made me a little nostalgic for Paris. They had a little shelf of chocolate Manneken Pis, the famous peeing boy statue in Brussels.

I was telling the guy behind the counter that it’s hilarious when you actually see Manneken Pis in person, because you think it’s going to be a great big statue, when as it turns out, it’s a great big fountain and a very, very small statue. Observe:

And in the end I didn’t get a chocolate Manneken Pis; I got three mendiants, milk, dark and white. Yummmm.