You give your opinion very decidedly for so young a person.


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Yesterday I spent an hour helping my mom set up her own blog (more on that soon!), and I realized that I hadn’t touched my own blog since January, when I arrived in Pensacola. Well, I’ve now been here for four months, I will be leaving on Monday, and as Maria Lucas would put it, yet HOW many things have happened!

How much I shall have to tell!

Carmen, La Cenerentola, many performances of Little Red’s Most Unusual Day, more concerts than I can count, tons of new music, and we’re not even done yet: tonight is the final dress rehearsal of Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte, featuring the artists-in-residence in leading roles.


This is me as Fiordiligi.

Mom jeans for the win!

Mom jeans for the win!

And for now, that’s all you get, blogosphere. I’m pooped. Naptime!