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Last night I went to one of the most joyous Chanukah parties I have ever been to, at Hallie’s. There were only five of us there, but we had a rollicking good time. We ate tons of latkes, we sang loudly (on that subject, sometimes I feel like I went to Hebrew School for about a million years and retained precisely nothing. My friends seem to have inexhaustible stores of holiday songs that I have never even heard of…), we improvised harmonies and recorded ourselves, we told corny jokes, and we played dreidl (and I totally cleaned ’em out!). Did you know there are about six extra verses to the dreidl song? I think my favorite is this one:

I had a little dreidl,
I made it out of soap,
I’ll spin it in the bathtub,
It will not melt, I hope!

You learn something new every day.





(Look, I won!)


Happy Chanukah, tout le monde!